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on Senin, 10 Oktober 2011


A Town Planner is a very useful person to know and a valuable member of a local community. They can work for local or state governments or within the private sector and often work in conjunction with other professionals in related fields such as architecture, the environmental sciences, engineering, community services, archaeology and heritage 

Town planners act to protect important community values and environmentally sensitive places. They work to create more liveable communities, business growth, strategic opportunities and ecologically sustainable places for new and existing residents to enjoy, through a variety of means, but primarily through facilitation of quality design outcomes and formulation, adoption, review and implementation of relevant plans and policies 

In NSW, planners must have a comprehensive understanding of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and relevant state, regional and local policies and plans that impact on the form and nature of development for given areas 

Lastly, as most development involves competing interests, just as living in a community or family does, town planners must be good problem solvers, communicators and negotiators 

You may be surprised by the difference a good town planner (or two) will make to your next development or planning problem 


The company, All About Planning Pty Ltd, was formed in July 2003 and is headed by Directors, Michelle and Peter Chapman. Michelle and Peter collectively have over 20 years planning experience in both metropolitan, regional and coastal NSW 

Our work is characterized by attention to detail and personal service and we are valued for our honesty, integrity and professionalism 

We have developed considerable expertise in communicating, negotiating and resolving local development assessment issues and working with local government and their processes to achieve quality and timely outcomes 

We are committed to staying abreast of all planning issues and recent legislative and policy changes of significance for coastal, regional and metropolitan NSW


Michelle has considerable broad ranging experience of local and state government gleaned through:

Running her planning consultancy in Sydney
Undertaking local community consultation, development submission, strategic planning and development assessment work
Her work with the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW as a local government representative, advocate and special project policy officer.
Various senior assessment and strategic planning positions within local government
Acting as an expert witness in hearings before the Land and Environment Court of NSW
Michelle has an Honours Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Masters in Town Planning

Peter has considerable broad ranging experience of local and state government gleaned through: 

His work as a consultant Strategic Planner and Project Coordinator for the Area 13 and Area 14 urban release areas under the Hastings Urban Growth Strategy (HUGS) with Hastings Council
Undertaking local private consultant planning work on (amongst others matters) large scale residential flat developments and rural - residential subdivisions.
10 years in local government, including several years in senior assessment, management and leadership positions
More recent private sector work with one of Sydney’s leading multi-disciplinary planning consultancies, City Plan Services
Acting as an expert witness in hearings before the Land and Environment Court of NSW
Peter holds a Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Diploma in Local Government and Environmental Law

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